Wake Up Ammi!

Aug 28, 2020 by Kiss My Beats - 0 Comments


Ammi is a 23 year old young man who was full of spirit, healthy, very active, loved paintballing and was passionate about working with children with additional needs and challenging behaviours.

On the 5th July Ammi suffered from an unknown brain aneurysm which haemorrhaged. After the initial major brain surgery was performed to save his life, he has since suffered from a stroke, undergone 6 more brain operations and continues to face multiple complications.

Ammi is currently in a critical condition at the Royal London Hospital. His family are not able to see him due to COVID-19 and are desperate to be by his side and be part of his care. We as a family understand that during this pandemic, precautions are in place in line with national guidance to protect patients, staff and visitors. The family are willing to adhere to all guidelines such as wearing the appropriate PPE equipment.

Research indicates that patients who are in comas and in a minimally responsive condition need interaction with familiar voices, familiar smells and touch to aid their recovery. How we do this if we are not allowed to see him?

The government are lifting restrictions all over the country and promoting pub visits, 50% discounts to eat out and yet we (amongst many other families) are not able to see our loved ones!

Whilst the restrictions are in place I want to create sounds + music that can help bring my brother out of his coma and keep him company whilst we cant be in attendance. I also want to do livestreams to bring awareness using my drums and a full production team to raise funds.

ITV NEWS have been the first to cover this story and we hope it has shed some light on this issue. We also hope that the government will review the guidelines and make changes around visiting restrictions but also that it brings about change for lots of families who are in this same position!

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